A dog is not a thing A thing is replaceable ~ A dog is not a thing A thing is disposable ~ A dog is not a thing A thing doesn’t have a heart ~ A dog’s heart is BIGGER than any “thing” you can ever own
A dog is not a thingA thing is replaceable  ~A dog is not a thingA thing is disposable~A dog is not a thingA thing doesn’t have a heart~A dog’s heart is BIGGERthan any “thing” you can ever own 

"Where's there's a Shepherd there's me"

I was born in Weston Super Mare in the summer of 1959 and registered

June Cheryl but known as Cherry.


My Grandfather Tom Robert Beavis was a wonderful inspiration in my life this is where my love for the German Shepherd began.

My grandfather had been breeding, exhibiting & obedience training German Shepherds from the 1940's his Affix was



How proud am I to have history with these lovely animals

I don't remember while growing up being without a Shepherd.





It was when I was 15 I got to own my first German Shepherd Dog.

I worked for my mum and stepfather, they had a garage in Corby Northamptonshire, and I was a forecourt attendant.

It was a Saturday afternoon when a man pulled onto the forecourt to purchase some fuel, on the back seat of the car there was a stunning heavy coated male called Rebel, as the man got out of his car Rebel jumped through the window, a few words choice words were exchanged between me and the man about the way he was treating the dog, twenty-five quid later and I had brought myself a Shepherd.

I'll never forget thinking

“How the hell am I going to explain this to my mum?"

Most girls leave home with a handbag,

I leave home with a  handful of Shepherds

I’m thankful for my dogs because they give me unconditional love

They say you can't buy


but you can buy a

German Shepherd Dog

and that's pretty much

the same thing



If you have any queries or wish to make an appointment, please contact 

Cherry Stokes-Harrell






Everyone thinks they have the best dog

And none of you are wrong 

Be kind to your dog.

He is only a few

years of your life.

But you are all of his


I think dogs are the most amazing creatures, they give unconditional love. For me, they are the role model for being alive...