Everyone thinks they have the best dog And none of you are wrong
Everyone thinks they have the best dog And none of you are wrong
A dog is not a thing A thing is replaceable ~ A dog is not a thing A thing is disposable ~ A dog is not a thing A thing doesn’t have a heart ~ A dog’s heart is BIGGER than any “thing” you can ever own
A dog is not a thingA thing is replaceable  ~A dog is not a thingA thing is disposable~A dog is not a thingA thing doesn’t have a heart~A dog’s heart is BIGGERthan any “thing” you can ever own 


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  • Natalie Soens (Friday, April 19 24 12:07 pm BST)

    I collected my beautiful girl in January from Cherry and named her Astrid. It’s taken me far too long to leave a comment, I’ll put it down to new puppy baby brain! Cherry takes such care and skill to breed the best puppies, Astrid is a stunning example of a Swiss White Shepherd she is admired wherever she goes, has a fantastic character and super intelligent. I would highly recommend Cherry, she is very knowledgeable and welcoming and her puppies are superb!

  • Michael Tuppenney (Wednesday, March 20 24 07:56 pm GMT)

    We have just picked up the most beautiful German Shepherd puppy. She is a bundle of fun.
    We can not thank Cherry the breeder enough for all the time she spent with us and for all the information she gave us. We would not hesitate to recommend this breeder and her dogs.
    Thank you
    Michael & Lorraine

  • JAYNE & STEVE (Friday, July 21 23 12:13 pm BST)

    thank you Cherry for our handsome Teddy, settling into his new home nicely, a star at his puppy class learning fast despite only 13 weeks old, super temperament loves everyone, gentle and calm. will keep you updated as to his progress.

  • Catherine Sheppard-Strutt (Sunday, May 14 23 09:36 am BST)

    I am the proud owner of Linc (Chezza’s Chantilly Chandler) born 28.09.20. He is a gorgeous black male. Parents are Night via Winners and Chezza’s Chantilly. He is now 2 years old and we have already achieved so much, with more to come!

    We’ve recently got involved with a dog sport called IGP/IPO/Schutzhund which tests the 3 main disciplines of a German Shepherd. Obedience, Tracking & Protection. However the precursor to all of this is all based on Linc’s temperament and whether he is sound, balanced and under control. This is assessed via accredited Judges.

    We successfully competed in January (2023) with Linc in his BH - which is an obedience and temperament test. This test allows you to then move forward in the IGP world. However is a standard practice in Germany.
    Yesterday (13.05.23) we competed in a ZAP character and temperament test. Which scrupulously assesses the character and temperament of the dog. Linc was one of 12 dogs and received the best marks and best comments.

    He has blown me away with his eagerness to learn and conquer. I am excited for future prospects with Linc and am so lucky to call him mine, thanks to Cherry.

    All these tests we have completed so far assure that cherry’s line of GSD’s are in-fact well balanced, sturdy GSD’s whom are capable of truly great things regardless of the paths they go down.

    Thank you Cherry and let this be only the beginning as I’m sure that there will be more achievements to come! Watch this space!

  • Katherine Thomas (Tuesday, April 25 23 02:54 pm BST)

    From our very first contact with Cherry, we knew that we had found the breeder that we would like to take a puppy home from.
    Over the phone, Cherry was warm and welcoming, asceratining our circumstances and passion for owning a puppy as well as answering our questions from her extensive knowledge and experience.
    For our first visit, Cherry was accommodating and flexible and made us feel so welcome when we arrived. She allowed us to spend as much time as we liked with what went on to be our puppy and we met Mum, Dad and Grandad while visiting too. Cherry continued to share her knowledge and experience and couldn't have made clearer to us at all stages that she was more than happy to answer any questions, whenever we had them.
    On our collection day, again, Cherry couldn't have been more helpful and flexible and the written information she provided along with first food, toys and blanket, etc... was extensive and helpful.
    We feel very lucky to have come across Cherry in the process of researching for our puppy and we now have a beautiful boy at home with us and settling into our family life. We cannot thank Cherry enough for her expertise (and feel she is still at the end of the phone should we need her). We are looking forward to many happy years of adventures with our new boy. Thank you Cherry, we cannot recommend you enough.

  • Ginny Thorpe (Tuesday, April 25 23 02:50 pm BST)

    Such professionalism from start to finish was our experience with Cherry @ Chezzas.
    A real pleasure to hear the passion in her with all of her dogs.
    Can’t tell you how pleased we are that we found her and our super little puppy, which is a delight.
    Totally recommend this place.

  • Derek Maule (Thursday, March 30 23 04:19 pm BST)

    We recently welcomed our second German Shepherd from Cherry and he is a stunner! He's a big, chunky confident boy.
    The experience from start to finish with Cherry cannot be faulted - her vast knowledge of the breed and her helpfulness with all of our questions is second to none. Nothing was ever too much trouble and we were encouraged to visit our fur baby as often as we liked.
    We were able to meet mum, dad and grandad when we first met our puppy and they really are a testament to their breed - big strong and the shiniest coats we've ever seen. You can clearly see the care and love that Cherry takes with all of her dogs and the passion that she has for this breed.
    The puppy handbook she provided is very detailed and informative and has been very helpful to us.
    As a big dog loving family we can resolutely say this is our best experience we've ever had from a breeder.
    If you are looking for a German Shepherd then look no further than Chezza's.
    Thank you again Cherry for our beautiful boy.

  • Clare White (Sunday, February 19 23 01:01 pm GMT)

    I've just started the process of buying my fur baby, and it couldn't be better!! Cherry is welcoming, informative and helpful, everything you want in a breeder.
    I met not only mum - Chili is so gorgeous - but Dad and granddad, both who are not only beautiful, but have fabulous temperaments
    There was no hurry in choosing my puppy, and when I'd decided, I was given ample time to get to know my beautiful baby.
    Cherry provides you with a really in depth guide to looking after your puppy, and having read it, I know it's going to be invaluable and has already given me things to think about and shop for!!
    Cherry encourages you to return every week yo get to know your puppy and is happy for you to bring other people
    I can't wait to get my puppy home, but I know he's getting the best start in life in Cherrys care
    If you want a beautiful, fluffy, well bred German Shepherd, then this is the only place to come

  • Mrs S Whitehead (Tuesday, December 20 22 03:41 pm GMT)

    I recently got a puppy and its mother from the lovely Cherry. The mother is an absolute delight. She loves both dogs and people. She is the most gentle and calm dog I have ever owned. The puppy is also delightful, he has obviously been socialised well by cherry. I am so glad that I found Cherry. Both dogs are happy healthy dogs! Thankyou Cherry.

  • Glenn & Patrycja Contreras (Sunday, November 20 22 09:09 am GMT)

    Cherry is a very warm, welcoming and honest person. She is a passionate breeder with a genuine love for dogs and it shows in her professionalism. We were able to meet the pups and vet on the first visit, which was a real treat. Cherry gave us all the time we needed to play with the pups and she was happy to answer all our question. We were torn between 2 pups and Cherry gave us to time go home and think it through. She never once rushed us and always made us feel comfortable. We decide on the dog and went to pick him up yesterday. She took the time out to talk us through her very detailed puppy handbook that come with "how to guide", parent health test, contract, puppy's details and much more! I couldn't ask for a better hand over! We highly recommend, as her puppy quality is superb and professionalism is top notch!

    Happy to say Benji's first night was peaceful and he is doing a great job adjusting to his new home.

  • Debbie & Kevin (Saturday, November 19 22 05:20 pm GMT)

    We had a very thorough handover with Cherry, it was not rushed at all. She was happy to answer all of our questions, nothing was too much trouble. In addition a detailed handbook comes with your pup and it tells you everything you need to know, toys, food and a blanket with mums scent on as well. Amore (mum) was such a lovely mummy to her pups. We are very lucky to have found Chezzas and highly recommend this breeder. We now have the most beautiful little girl ‘Callie’ who has settled so well in her new forever home. Thanks again Cherry

  • Debbie & Kevin Fletcher (Saturday, November 19 22 08:49 am GMT)

    Cherry gave us a fabulous and thorough handover. A detailed handbook comes with your pup and it covers everything you need to know. We collected our new baby and Cherry took time to go through absolutely everything, nothing was rushed at all. Highly recommend CHEZZAS If you are looking for a healthy, top quality pup. It was great to meet Amore (mum) as well, she was amazing with her babies. We are now looking forward to giving ‘Callie’ our new baby Show Cocker Spaniel a life full of love in her forever home. Thanks again Cherry

  • Pete O'Riordan (Friday, July 01 22 08:30 am BST)

    I came across your website whilst researching GSD breeders. I’d just like to say that it is one of the very best websites I have found. It’s well laid out, with a huge amount of really useful information.

  • Deb Shrives (Monday, May 02 22 06:19 pm BST)

    Today is our gorgeous girl's first birthday and we just wanted to thank you, Cherry, for bringing her into our lives! She's like her Dad, Night .. large, all black and long-haired with little of her Mum, Sierra other than a token dash of tan on her side. Nera's turning into the sociable, calm, gentle and well-behaved GSD we have trained her to become and a lot of that was down to Cherry's handbook and initial words of GSD wisdom!! I make it sound like it was a breeze, but let's just say the 9th month was a bit of a teenage test ha ha! Thank you, Cherry .. when I win the Lottery, I'll come back and buy 9 more from you as I always wanted 10 to love and cherish!!

  • Alex Evans (Monday, April 18 22 09:44 am BST)

    I collected Krotos now called Bear when he was 8 weeks old. He's settled in amazingly during the first week. Bear is happy, healthy and has a great temperament all thanks to Cherry who really cares and loves all her dogs. When I first came to visit the puppies it was easy to see that they are well looked after, I was able to meet Bear's parents and litter mates to see if he was the right fit for my home. Cherry was great to talk and answered all of our questions. If you are looking for a German shepherd I would strongly recommend visiting Cherry and her dogs.

  • Chloe Stringfellow (Monday, February 21 22 05:38 pm GMT)

    Picked up Dasher (now Max)
    Great experience with Cherry and trusted her despite the fact i hadn't seen or met her or Dasher. All the information i received will be really helpful as he will be my first Shepherd and hopefully not my last one

  • Daren Hunt (Monday, January 31 22 10:19 am GMT)

    Having collected our puppy from Cherry in November last year he has bought us nothing but joy and Happiness. A Handsome Boy, Cherry took the time to talk to us and go through the family history of our Boy, what we should expect and the fact she would always be at the end of the phone should we have any concerns. We met many of the Adult dogs it was a pleasure to be around them. Cherry showed how caring and well organised she is the kennels were lovely and clean and the set up was perfect. Since bringing our Boy home with the bag of goodies Cherry gave to us he is now 4 months old, having his puppy training, meeting lots of dogs and people, and filled a big gap in our hearts. Thankyou Cherry, we would certainly recommend you, a great breader and we are glad we found you online. We named our Boy - 'Bear' x

  • Abigail (Wednesday, December 22 21 08:52 pm GMT)

    We picked up Kylo (then Tomahawk) a few days ago and he is the sweetest pup. Cherry is an amazing breeder, she thoroughly screens and tests her dogs and they are all genetically healthy, which means the world. The Woman's Touch is a very professional business; the interaction between buyer and pup/mum was relaxed and fun and Cherry was happy to answer any questions and chat about the pups. All the dogs I met had wonderful temperaments and personalities. Cherry provided us with a big bag including lots of food, treats and puppy pads to get us started. She also gave us a huge booklet of guidance on raising a german shepherd, alongside the pup's relevant ancestry info. Thank you so much Cherry for your help, I am so proud of my new little pup.

  • Shannon and Ashley (Monday, November 01 21 01:01 pm GMT)

    Today we picked up our gorgeous 8 week old gsd Riley! This is the second puppy we have had from cherry now! I highly recommend purchasing a puppy from her the information and book she gave us on the dogs was amazing and so helpful. She was always on the other end of the phone if we had any queries. The health tests she runs on the dogs is excellent. She also gave us a bag of goodies to take home eg food,treats toys and a blanket which had been with the mum and brothers and sisters! Thank you so much for letting us have Riley he is the perfect piece to our little family

  • Shikhant Morris (Saturday, October 23 21 11:54 am BST)

    We are a young family with kids ages 10 and 6 and got our dear Ranjha from Chezza’s in Sep2021. Cherry was superb right from our first interaction. The website provided us with lots of info which was very useful for us since we are first-time dog owners and had been doing our research. Her friendly approach together with great practical information provided during our conversations was just what we needed to help us get a good start on our wonderful journey. My wife is not comfortable with dogs so this was a new experience for her and we were tense about our first meeting with Ranjha and his mom, Vampirina. We needn’t have worried as Cherry guided the interaction wonderfully and Vampers was calm about us holding her baby. This gave us the confidence to proceed and realise something that we had only imagined for a long time. All the administrative process was smooth and her tips about Ranjha’s first days at home helped us get him comfortable with his crate. We felt connected with her due to her genuine passion for ensuring both the family and the dog get the best possible initiation and her reassurance that she is just a phone call away if ever we need her.
    Thank you, Cherry!

  • Debra Smith (Saturday, October 09 21 08:32 am BST)

    One evening I happened to see a Gentleman with a young Shepherd at a rest stop. This led to us finding ‘The Woman’s Touch’ online and a phone call later, we were on our way to meet a litter of pups ……… and this was the beginning of a new chapter in our lives.
    From the moment we met Cherry, we were greeted with warmth and honesty about life with a GSD. I had early childhood days around a Shepherd called Minty but have never owned one. I can honestly say Cherry’s passion and love for her family of GSD’s is amazing. On the day my son chose our boy, we came away with a GSD version of ‘War and Peace’ (said tongue in cheek!) to peruse over before collecting him three weeks later. Cherry assured us, if it was not in the book, we could call with any queries or needing any advice.
    We have had our pup home for five weeks now and our lives have changed for the better. I can only thank the day I asked the gentleman where they had their Shepherd from, of which they now have two.
    Thank you Cherry & family for making our decision to own and love a German Shepherd, one of the best decisions we have ever made x

  • Deb Shrives (Sunday, August 15 21 10:34 pm BST)

    We picked up Nera on 27th June and she's 15 weeks old today .. we love her SO SO much. She has more than filled the 'German Shepherd shaped hole' that was left in our hearts when our last GSD died. If you are looking for a good breeder, then look no further .. Cherry is the best you will get. We'd never had a GSD puppy so it was a bit of an adjustment (hence the delay with this post!) but we've been following the advice in the comprehensive handbook Cherry gave us and it's proving invaluable as we learn our way through puppyhood. We take Nera with us to be social as often as we can .. markets, pubs, garden centres you name it .. anywhere where she can meet people and other dogs and she's so calm and friendly and then there's that GSD intelligence we all love with this breed. Nera is putting on weight beautifully .. and looks like a big, black furry bear. Everywhere we go we get comments, are stopped (especially by other GSD owners) and asked about her and everyone (and I really mean this!) everyone who meets us warns us 'she's going to be big' .. that always makes me smile .. yes, we already know because Cherry's approach is transparent and honest and we met the wonderful parents Night and Sierra when we first came to meet Nera and so we know what to expect!! We cannot recommend Cherry enough - her puppies have the very best start in life and they come to their new owners as happy, healthy, bouncy, playful characters that bring only joy and love into your world (just make sure your socks are never on the floor though ...) xx

  • Kirsten and Michael Moran (Saturday, August 14 21 06:45 pm BST)

    We feel so lucky to have found Cherry and ‘Chezza’s’
    Murphy has made our family complete! He is now 15 weeks and has a beautiful temperament and nature, we are so blessed to have him. He is the talk of the town where ever we take him, people even come out of their houses to say hello when they see us! It is testament to the amazing breeding and early start that Cherry gives her pups and we are eternally grateful! The help and advise we received along our journey has been outstanding, Murphy is our first GSD pup so the guidance has always been much appreciated.
    Thank you so much Cherry xx

  • Elaine McNally (Saturday, July 17 21 05:22 pm BST)

    Our girl is now 8months old and we couldn't wish for a better family member. She is a character and so intelligent. She has a beautiful personality. I am so pleased I found this amazing breeder. Our baby is stunning and nature outstanding.

  • Magdalena Antrobus (Monday, July 05 21 03:10 pm BST)

    We picked Adi on 26th June. He is a stunning example of his breed and a real credit to Cherry. We got a GSD puppy we have always dreamt of: healthy, happy, balanced, full of joy and contentment. He is our first GSD and we couldn’t ask for a better dog. He settled down very well, keeps his bed clean through the night and wants to make friends with everyone, including our resident toy poodle and our cat. Cherry truly cares about her dogs and her comprehensive handbook on German Shepherds was extremely helpful for us to know the breed well. Thank you so much for our Adi.

  • Becky Gill (Friday, June 04 21 09:41 am BST)

    We picked up Atlas on the 28th February and I have to say a huge thank you to Cherry who really does have a massive passion for GSD’s and takes breeding to another level. It took us quite a while to find a dog breeder that we felt comfortable with and what Cherry does is very thorough and professional. She also vets potential buyers which I was very pleased with, as I have not come across this before.
    Atlas is now 5 months old and I have to say he is an amazing boy with a great temperament. He is great with people and other dogs big and small (the puppy socialisation classes came in handy) and he’s guarding qualities are second to none, as he will only bark if he senses he or members of the family may encounter danger, which I really didn’t expect from the age of 4 months (his dad Knight would be very proud)!
    Atlas has become a part of the family and we can’t imagine life without him, so thanks again Cherry for everything, he has done you proud.

  • Alannah Bullen (Monday, May 17 21 03:52 pm BST)

    I was admiring Cherry's page and dogs (again) and came across this section which I hadn't noticed previously so apologies for the extreme delay in this post!

    I picked my first pup Lola from Cherry on New Years Day 2020 and what a dream she turned out to be. Happy and confident from day one. A lovely temperament, very sociable and admired by everyone!

    I will be getting my second pup from Cherry this year and I cannot wait. Having met many of Cherry's dogs I know any dog I have from Cherry will have been superbly bred. She really does take health testing to the next level and I wouldn't go to any other breeder. Cherry is always at the end of the phone for advice and is extremely knowledgeable about the breed.

    Thank you Cherry xx

  • Michelle (Saturday, April 17 21 02:44 pm BST)

    I am sorry it has taken me so long to put this up but we have been very busy with our new pup. We picked her up 3 weeks ago and could not have asked for a better service and Chezza was so warm and welcoming she made it very easy to ask all of our questions before we made our decision to buy our puppy and the help and support did not stop there. When we collected our puppy a week later she was again happy and patient to answer all of our questions about how to manage our puppy’s transition to our home and she did not rush us at even though there was another gentleman waiting to collect his new puppy as well. We also received a starter kit of toys and bedding to help comfort and settle our puppy when we got home. On top of all of this Chezza is a lovely lady, very knowledgeable and cares deeply about the animals she has and the puppies she breeds and I would recommend anyone to seek her out if they are looking to buy a puppy. Thanks again Chezza xxx

  • Cathy and Chris Priest (Sunday, March 28 21 04:24 pm BST)

    On Saturday, 27 March 2021 we collected our little boy, Milo, we are delighted with our puppy he is well bred, confident and a total delight. Should have named him Tank really he is a large, solid boy, I was beginning to think that the harness we brought for him to safely travel home in would be too small, I have had many GSDs over the years and Milo is a chunky boy and Cherry managed to fit the harness thankfully. During these COVID times it is so hard to find and choose the right Breeder and puppy, I had every confidence in Cherry and made full payment prior to collecting Milo, it just made the whole process smoother and less stressful.

  • Linda Gunn (Sunday, March 21 21 09:19 am GMT)

    I feel very privileged to to be the proud new mum of Evelyn now she has been retired from breeding. She is an absolute delight and has been brilliant with my two cats, even the grumpy one. I am a slow walker and she waits for me and doesn't pull on the lead. She is such a polite, calm dog and a credit to Cherry and Andy's training and care. To all all of her puppy owners, you can tell them Mum now has a quiet retirement home for the rest of her life and she is settling in very well. Thank you for letting me have her. Linda.

  • Donna Burkinshaw (Thursday, March 18 21 10:29 am GMT)

    We collected our GSD 'Evie' on the 6th March 2021. It has been a week and a half and she is absolutely beautiful, we are so pleased to have her. We couldn't wish for a better nature, following us everywhere, sleeping at our feet and just wanting to be absorbed into the family, it's wonderful. She is calm and follows your lead we are just looking forward to being able to take her out. Cherry is in in a class of her own as a breeder. The experience of going to her has been everything you would wish when bringing a dog into your home. She absolutely holds your hand, providing knowledge, based on valuable experience, and has continued to do so. When you pick up your pup you can see the quality and time put into the breeding of her GSD's. Cherry is proud of her achievements and rightly so. Cherry skills have given us a wonderful new addition to our family and we are so pleased and grateful for her professionalism. From Rob Donna and Courtney, Thank you.

  • Anita Simmonds (Wednesday, March 10 21 06:55 pm GMT)

    We were recommended to Cherry by the German shepherd breeders council, when I saw cherry’s page and the quantity and quality of her dogs and the extensive health tests of each along with micro chipping and tattooing we knew she was the breeder for us and that we wouldn’t find anyone better. When I called Cherry Keisha had just had puppies the previous evening (Jan 21) We were instantly sent photos of Keisha with the puppies with a video explaining a bit about Cherry as a breeder her history and family history within breeding and shown the puppies available via FaceTime. We trusted Cherry to pick our puppy for us due to coronavirus restrictions and the distance, we were posted the largest book with every piece of information you could imagine just days after transferring a deposit. We were given regular updates on our pup throughout the 8 weeks until we collected her (March 21) where we got to meet the other puppies and see our puppy with Keisha. We are absolutely over the moon with our pup Luna and couldn’t be more grateful to Cherry and her family for the visible hard work they put in on a day to day basis to care for each dog of their own as well as the new puppies. Cherry is also available for contact after you pick up the puppies her service doesn’t stop after collection which is so so helpful! Can’t recommend enough! Thank you again Cherry for everything you have done for us x

  • Brenda Clark turnbull (Tuesday, March 09 21 03:56 pm GMT)

    Bear is our 2nd gsd from cherry I couldn't feel any higher at recommending her , cherry will help be there every step of the way helping you decide whether a puppy is right for you and your family right through to getting everything for your new fur baby and beyond she will give advice if you need it at anytime, as bear is my 2nd baby I say the care and nurturing the puppies is of extremely of high regards for all of her dogs and puppies ,areas are super clean , .family run business with a big heart to dogs

  • Andrew Macdonald (Tuesday, March 02 21 10:33 am GMT)

    We purchased our shepherd from Cherry at the start of this latest lockdown which was the worst possible time for puppy socialisation. However we have had puppy training on Zoom which has been terrific. The trainer uses her own dogs for demonstration and sends out worksheets for us to do weekly. Our Zellah has been excellent throughout this process. She is our 4th shepherd and she has been the best for training she is so intelligent which has a lot to do with her breeding

  • Marie (Wednesday, February 24 21 05:58 pm GMT)

    I’ve had max for a year now, it’s not till you own one of Chezza so beautiful babies that you can appreciate how amazing, loving and loyal her dogs are not to forget he get more intelligent and handsome by the day. We ended up going into lockdown a few weeks after bringing him home which wasn’t expected and all his puppy classes I’d arranged got cancelled however this has has not effect on my beautiful boy he adores kids and we adore him. Thank you Chezza love my baby

  • Maria (Tuesday, February 23 21 12:03 pm GMT)

    Thank you Cherry for the most adorable puppy, he is the perfect addition to our family xx

  • Elaine McNally (Monday, February 22 21 07:38 am GMT)

    I cannot rate this breeder high enough. Our girl is now a 15week old wonderful pup. She has a wonderful nature and full of mischievous fun. Everyone that has met her has fallen in love with her. She behaves like butter wouldnt melt. She is growing fast into the most beautifully stunning girl and she knows it. She is stubborn and liked to push the boundaries though not so much now. Couldnt imagine not having her now.

  • Amie and Jamie (Thursday, February 18 21 10:26 pm GMT)

    We have had Neo now for 11 weeks and really wouldn't be without him. It is challenging at times and he needs a lot of attention but he is eager to learn and has settled into our family amazingly well.
    We found Cherry to be very knoweldgable throughout the whole buying process and are thankful for finding her and getting the opportunity to take one of her fur babies. We met both Sire Night and Dam Tokala who both have wonderful temperaments. We cannot wait to watch Neo grow. 🙂

  • Elaine McNally (Thursday, January 21 21 05:43 pm GMT)

    We have had our beautiful stubborn playful girl for nearly 3 weeks. I have spent every minute of every day working with her and though she is hard work it's now paying off. She is adorable and not aggressive just playful which can get painful if not stopped. She also wants to be in charge lol which isnt going to happen. Her grandad I was told was stubborn and I think she has his Gene's but I met the grandad and he is the most amazingly well behaved dog due to the love and time spent on him. We are all so happy be bought from this breeder. The dogs are amazing they just need guiding in the right direction. Everything is playtime to them. Thank you Cherry for the love you give all the dogs and pups it shows.

  • Karen Beecher (Tuesday, January 12 21 04:54 pm GMT)

    A big thank you to Cherry and her family

    We picked our pup Logan (59) just over a week ago now , Logan has settled in with no problems, a happy and contented, confident pup.
    We look forward to watching him growing up and watching his personality grow with him.

    We are so pleased we came across cherrys website, as a breeder cherry seems to have everything covered from the booklet you get to help you settle your pup in and information on the breed , health and training, grooming.
    Not forgetting all the health tests on all of cherrys dog.
    Cherry will be the first port of call when we are ready to have our next puppy
    Karen , Keith

  • Elaine McNally (Friday, January 08 21 06:16 am GMT)

    I cannot praise enough this breeder, From the moment we went to view the pups and mum you could feel the love given to them. We got to meet grandad as well. Beautiful dogs. We have now had our girl for almost a week and she is amazing. Everything a healthy pup should be. So so happy we were lucky enough to get our beautiful girl from this breeder, thank you Cherry for all the love you give all your dogs. They are all amazing.

  • Anne Campbell (Wednesday, January 06 21 07:08 pm GMT)

    I cannot thank Cherry enough for our beautiful little man. Cherry welcomed us to visit the pups prior to purchase and meet Mum and grandad. Our pup is chunky, smart, confident, affectionate and stunning! We were provided with all the information we could wish for including copies of all parental health checks. Cherry definitely knows her GSD’s.

  • Reza & Katie (Tuesday, January 05 21 09:45 pm GMT)

    We recently came to meet Cherry and to hopefully find our newest family member. I’m so glad we took the time to visit as we were so impressed by her, the facilities, and of course the little pups! We fell in love and are eager to take our new boy home later in February! Her knowledge and passion come through strongly, and the nice little touches like the welcome guidebook, etc. were truly above expectation.

    Cherry has done an amazing job of making the puppy selection process COVID safe while still allowing for good interaction with the puppies, the mother and herself. Social distancing was maintained and we felt very comfortable with all precautions in place.

    We can’t recommend her enough and are so happy we made the decision to get our new puppy here!

  • Jane (Sunday, January 03 21 01:48 pm GMT)

    We were so lucky to have found Cherry. Jet is such a happy and lovely natured pup and has settled well with us. The puppy pack and information we were given really helped us understand how to give him the best start and prepare our home for him. We really couldn’t have asked for a better dog and support. Thank you Cherry.

  • Elaine McNally (Saturday, January 02 21 02:42 pm GMT)

    Thank you Cherry for your continuing help and advice, I cannot believe how wonderful our little girl is. She has settled so well and has a wonderful nature. It shows she has come from a breeder that gives them so much love. Thank you. So pleased we came to you.

  • Joanne and Mark Riley (Sunday, December 27 20 06:02 pm GMT)

    Dear Cherry, we would just like to say thankyou for allowing us one of your precious babies (a Night Tokala pup whom we have named Sauren). After 30 years with this wonderful breed, the whole Woman's Touch experience was fantastic. Sauren is absolutely adored. We would thoroughly recommend Cherry to future gsd families.

  • Jane smith (Thursday, December 10 20 10:04 pm GMT)

    I can not thank Cherry enough for Jet who we have had for 2 weeks now. He has such a great temperament and has settled in with us so well.
    When I started my journey to find a GSD I realised finding the right breeder was so important and I couldn’t have found a better one. Thanks again Cherry

  • Catherine Sheppard-Strutt (Thursday, December 03 20 10:51 pm GMT)

    I would like to say a huge “Thank you” to Cherry for providing us with an amazing new family member we call Linc. He is the brightest, smartest and happiness chap. More than we could have ever wished for.
    The whole process was faultless.
    Cherry clearly has an astounding passion for this amazing breed and it really shows when you visit her amazing kennels.
    So professional and personal too. Cherry was happy to answer all our questions no matter how small or “silly” as well as offering us a friendly ear if we needed help in the future. She also asked us a number of questions to ensure we were the right fit for her lovely pups!
    Couldn’t have asked for a better experience.
    It’s always nerve racking as you hear about horror stories but, all I can say is that our experience with Cherry was a dream.
    With an amazing goodie bag to get us started with.
    The experience is second to none and if you are looking for a reputable breeder then Cherry is the best fit. Healthy, happy pups from healthy, happy parents.
    Honestly can’t thank Cherry enough. Will definitely be coming back should there ever be more room in our family.

  • Cerys Johnson (Tuesday, December 01 20 11:16 am GMT)

    Can't rate Cherry's highly enough. We've had our second German Shepherd from her now. They have both been very healthy and bright dogs with lovely dispositions. Cherry's communication is great too. Thoroughly recommend.

  • Gemma Kilbourn (Monday, November 30 20 08:58 pm GMT)

    I don’t think I can put into words how truly grateful James & I are for finding Cherry.

    We brought our own place coming up 2 years ago & since way before then we knew we wanted a GSD. But we’ve taken so much time into research of the breed, breeders as well as waiting for us to be 110% ready. We finally found Cherry back in July, a sign of a good breeder is many things, a waiting list being one of them! I was prepared to wait as long as it needed to be. Looking through all of Cherry’s website is one thing, so much time & detail has gone into it. You can read up about each dog, the history, the testing & results. Wait until you meet Cherry, Andy & baby Cherry, they absolutely love their dogs like no other, the set up Cherry has is professional and welcoming (even during these crazy times)

    In September our little boy was born & we got to meet him 10 days later. So small & perfect. We met Chantilly (mum) & Night (dad) both incredibly calm & beautiful dogs! Chantilly let us hold the puppies, I’ve never seen a mum so natural to her babies. Night was calm & protective all at the same time.

    Once we chose our baby boy - we got a WHOLE booklet just about HIM - not the litter, this was personal to Alfie - it shows his mum and dad and grandparents and great grandparents and so on! We signed the contract (again a BIG must for James & I as this shows the breeder is invested into her pups)

    We then got regular updates until it was time to collect him. We brought him home a week today and he has settled in so perfectly - you can see Cherry, Andy & baby Cherry all put hard work into raising them correctly giving him the best start in life as he is such a confident, happy little man! Thank you so so much, I could go on FOREVER!

    We promise to give Alfie all the love & best possible life ❤️

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